In the pursuit of transforming the essence of Cerería Subirà, the oldest candle shop in Barcelona, into a captivating digital experience, our project set out with clear goals. We aimed to create a website that seamlessly replicated the in-store ambiance, allowing customers to relish the same tradition, closeness, and personalized treatment they receive in person.

We embraced the Design Thinking Methodology to tackle our challenge.This methodology facilitated a deep understanding of the elements crucial to the candle shop’s identity, allowing us to craft a digital experience that not only met functional requirements but also resonated emotionally with users. To bring the in-store experience to the digital space, we talked to customers, uncovering their appreciation for personal treatment, unique options, and the store’s aesthetic appeal.

Overcoming challenges in translating historical and traditional aspects into a digital format, we focused on crafting a user interface and design that mirrored the ambiance of the physical store. Drawing inspiration from the store’s iconic staircase and statues, we developed a brand identity using classic and elegant colors found within the store’s architecture.

In order to translate the personalized in-store experience, A pivotal feature emerged from our research in the form of a quiz that guided users to discover their perfect candle match, while also suggesting additional candles and workshops available.