Embarking on a flavorful odyssey, the project was centered around creating a compelling brand identity and establishing a social media presence for a ghost kitchen specializing in rotisserie chicken. Focusing on vibrancy, fun, and youthfulness, the brand aimed to redefine the perception of rotisserie dining. The clear goal was to infuse life and character into the culinary landscape, accentuating the restaurant’s unique charm.

The visual language was a kaleidoscope of warm colors, playful illustrations, and iconic symbols that represent the brand. These elements weren’t just visual adornments; they were the DNA of our brand identity, resonating seamlessly with our desired audience.

The heartbeat of our brand echoed in a voice that was not just friendly but downright fun, incorporating slangs and a playful nod to the Panamanian pronunciation of “Rostizado.” This injection of local flavor added a unique touch, making our brand voice relatable and approachable.

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